Best hiking trails near me in Arkansas | Hikes in USA 2022

Best hiking trails near me in Arkansas

Best hiking trails near me in Arkansas


Let’s Discuss the Best Hiking Trails Near Me In Arkansas. These states have many beautiful hiking sites where you can enjoy. And it is known for its beautiful rivers, lakes and hot springs. And also famous due to rice and poultry production. It ranks at number 1 in rice and poultry production. It has ended 600,000 acres of lakes. 


Arkansas prides itself on holding the world capital of a sort of things, including spinach (Alma), folk music (Mountain View), quartz (This respect is assigned specially to the Mount Ida area), and archery bow production (Pine Bluff). 


Best hiking trails near me in Arkansas


If you are an outside freak or want an outdoor break for the hidden trail, Arkansas offers you many hikes and is affordable. It is better to hike in the Fall season because in the summer there are humid and hot. And overheating can be a concern.


In the Ouachita National Forest, it is the longest backpacking trail. That crossing is 192 miles across its length. In Arkansas, 177 miles trail, and In Oklahoma, 46 miles trail. Devils Canyon area is located in the Ozark National Forest near Mulberry, Arkansas. It is a most beautiful area. Arkansas State Parks to present 300 miles of hiking trails. The most suitable plan to experience the specific beauty of Arkansas is that Arkansas State Parks offers 300 miles of hiking trails.  Trails course their way into the mountain area and beside rivers and streams.


Yellow Rock Trail, Devil’s Den State Park: Day Hiking Trail in Arkansas


At the Devil’s Den State Park, the Yellow Rock Trail is a Fall favorite. You can start the hiking from the camping area trailhead and then walk past rocks and under bluffs. Whenever you do not reach the Yellow Rock Overlook, the trail is mainly up. Stop to take in the beauty of the surrounding Boston Mountains and the Lee Creek Valley. 


Yellow Rock Trail, Devil’s Den State Park

Towards the oldest CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) structure, you can take the trail and enjoy the view of the park below and the Devil Lake. For a 5 -6 mile hike, follow the trail back to the trailhead. The park offers historical cabins, a pool during the summer months, camping, and many other trails. Try the Devil’s Den Trail for a short hike with kids which takes hikers past caves and holes and nearby beautiful rock formations.


PIGEON ROOST TRAIL, ROGERS, AR: Night Hiking Trail In Arkansas


Pigeon roost trail is located at a distance of nine miles in length within the Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area in Northwest Arkansas. You will get the trailhead just east of War Eagle Road, which is also called Benton County 98. This famous place is a stacked double-loop trail, with a smaller four-mile loop appointed for day hiking and a more distance 8.5 miles loop for overnight hiking. Backpackers craving to camp may do so at one of the five primitive, camping places on a hill overlooking beautiful Beaver Lake (Contact Ranger for availability). And you will enjoy the overnight with a beautiful view of stargazing.




Ouachita Trail: Long-Distance Hiking Trail In Arkansas


In Oklahoma from the western terminus, the trail is separated into 11 parts with the final 30-mile trail east of Hwy 9 ending at the Visitor Center at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. From Little Rock, it is 224 miles, AR to Talihina. As well as many shades and Forest service recreation areas fundamentally established campsites, are placed along the trail. 

Ouachita Trail

The region varies on the trail and good descriptions of each section, onward with a list of facilities to be found in each area can be observed on the Forest Service information site. Horses or off-road transports are not allowed. However, the trail is open to mountain bikes for 137-mile from the western end to Big Cedar trailhead and Talimena Scenic Drive to the Hwy 7 trailhead north of Jessieville, AR.


Pinnacle Mountain West or East Summit Trails: Mountain Hiking Trails In Arkansas


Technically these are two different trails. And they both end on the top of Pinnacle Mountain with scenes of the Downtown Little Rock and Arkansas River. The East trail is difficult with a longer scramble period towards the end of the hike. The East trail is slightly tough than the West trail. Both trails are 0.75-mile distant and rise about 750 feet, So you are approximately rising 100 feet per mile. And never forget to take plenty of water for yourself. If you are hiking with a dog then don’t forget to bring water for your pup because for your dog, there are no water crossings to drink from. And at the top, there is little shade.


Pinnacle Mountain West or East Summit Trails


Hemmed-in-Hollow Falls: Best Waterfall Hiking Trail In Arkansas


In Compton, Hemmed-in-Hollow Falls is located, within the Ponca Wilderness Area, and you will get there Buffalo National River. This is a 209-foot-tall (64-meter) where the single drop waterfalls can reach through various trails in the area. The most popular trail which usually visitors take is the Campton trailhead. This 5 miles (8-kilometer) trail is difficult with many stairs and steep rocks. It will also be smooth (slippery) after rainfall. Difficult as it might be, the grand view of the falls will be deserving of the hike. The large waterfall from the top is an impressive sight to see.


Hemmed-in-Hollow Falls



It is better to hike in the Fall season because in the summer there are humid and hot. And overheating can be a concern. People who love day hiking can do the best day hiking at Yellow Rock Trail, Devil’s Den State Park. And It is a 5 -6 mile hike. On the other side, some people love to do night hiking to enjoy the beauty of the night with the sky and stargazing to get relief. While many others love long-distance and mountain hiking and they have large stamina to do this. And some others who love waterfall hiking and enjoy this view. You can choose any type of hiking according to your interest and can enjoy this beautiful nature.


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